Full Season Vendors

Sturtevant, WI
Traverse City, MI
Cherry, peach, blueberry, apple and pumpkin products:
Salsa: Natural Cherry, Redhaven Peach
Butters: Charming Cherry Garlic, Jalapepper Cherry, Old Fashioned Cherry, Honey Crisp Apple, Old Fashioned Blueberry and Old Fashioned Pumpkin.
Jams and Preserves: Redhaven Peach Strawberry, Juice Sweetened Cherry, Premium Tart Cherry Lemon, Red Raspberry & Tart Cherry, Black Bing Cherry, Christmas Jam. 
Other: Savory Cherry Barbecue Glaze, Cherry Vinaigrette, Organic Cherry Honey Mustard and much more.
Summer Market Season Specialties: Bottles of iced Cherry Cider, Cherry Cookies and Cherry Pies
Fall Market Season Specialties: Pumpkin Bread, Pumpkin Cookies, Pumpkin Muffins, Hot Cherry Cider
B's Sweet Bites
Des Plaines, IL
Butter & Biscuit Co.
Hawthorne Woods, IL
Fresh daily baked biscuits, sandwiches, and homemade compound butters that not only go great with our biscuits.
Cashmore Produce & Ponics
Harvard, IL
CBC Roasters
Arlington Heights, IL
Freshly roasted coffee
Arlington Heights, IL
Children's Books
Chiro One
Oak Brook, IL
Dennanne Apiaries
Elgin, IL
Honey, beeswax candles, soaps
Kenosha, WI
Pies, drink mixes
Palatine, IL
At St. Roger Abbey French Gourmet Patisserie, all the products that are made at the Monastery by our Nuns, are made using Organic Flour, Organic Sugar and Organic Vanilla Extract. French pastries to help our soup kitchen and the poor people we serve. French macarons, croissants, apple turnovers, baguettes, breads, fruit tarts, pound cakes, cookies, gallettes, brioche, cheese straws, cakes, meringues, quiches, crepes.
Palatine, IL
Microgreens, Salad
Happy Sprouts
Crystal Lake, IL
Sunflowers, radishes, pea sprouts
Hardin’s Family Farm
Eau Claire, MI
We are 5th generation farmers who care about the land we farm.  We are a small family-run farm, and your satisfaction is our priority. We strive for quality at a fair price and grow a large variety of fruits and vegetables.
Marengo, IL
Meats, eggs
Lafevor Farm
Kankakee, IL
Chicago, IL
Palatine, IL
Pet food supplements
Lakemoor, IL
Soap, lip balm, bug spray, pain relief, etc.
R&B Miller Farms, Inc. 
Coloma, MI
Fruits and cider
Richert/Phillips Farm
North Liberty, IN
Safehouse Alpacas
Six Generations Farmin' Local, Inc.
Barrington, IL 
Apples, asparagus, beans, berries, brussel sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cherries, corn, cucumbers, eggplant, garlic, grapes, greens, herbs, kale, melons and much more.
Lakemoor, IL
Pasta Sauce, etc.
Stamper Cheese Company
Chicago, IL
A wonderful variety of artisanal cheeses from Wisconsin's finest small producers. Aged goudas, swisses, cheddars, goat cheeses, sheep cheeses, pistachio logs, layered bries, smoked cheeses, fresh cheese curds and string cheese.
Lisle, IL
Pickles, giardiniera, olive muffalata
Harvard, IL
Mirau Sweet Corn
Vesna Djurdjevic
Palatine, IL 
Breads, cookies and pastries.
Arlington Heights, IL
Ginger based carbonated beverage

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